Who is H.A.B's



Hi! My name is Hamda Bushalat and I am a mom of 5 amazing children aged between 19 years old and 2 year old. I first had this idea for H.A.B's when I had my 3rd baby via an emergency C-Section at 35 weeks back in 2016. She was already on the smaller size for her gestational age and coming as a late premie was such a crazy phase. my two elder kids were born at 38 weeks and they were normal sized and everything fit perfectly. With my third, Newborn size was like dressing her in 3-6 months size! Sad enough, only two stores carried premie baby outfits and 2 designs of each. She grew and her size was normal finally and that issue passed. Fast-forward to 2019, I had the same issue yet with another late premie! The idea started lingering and growing more and more. Come 2020 I welcomed my 5th baby and yes, yet another late premie! when I say late premies I mean my babies were barely 2 kgs at birth! that is tiny!!

After that, I gathered my courage, started contacting factories around the world to produce a genuine line for Tiny babies and newborns, in addition to the accessories that you would find very helpful.